The Covid-19 virus is a continuing and evolving situation. The PM of Canada made another announcement this morning about the fact the US-CANADA border is going to close very soon.

The question for many is what about applicants who have received their PR information package and wish to travel to Canada to land? The airports of VANCOUVER, CALGARY, TORONTO AND MONTREAL are accepting International flights for all Canadians and Permanent Residents until Midnite Sunday, March 22nd, 2020. It is best to make contact with Air Canada agent in your country of departure and ask them if you can board one of their flights to be able to arrive within this time frame.

Davis Immigration Law Office is open for business at this time. Our office is a small and boutique one and we are controlling the entry of all visitors to our law firm. And we are practising social distancing to limit the chance of spread of this virus. We are here to help you so please email or call us with your questions. It is best that you remain home and not visit our law firm at present time.

Thanks for your immediate attention. Stay safe.