Community Involvement

Creating opportunity for newcomers…

Helping to strengthen the social fabric of our society is an important mandate at David Davis Law. We know that in order to do so, we all need to uphold our duty to engage in the community in a way that will have a ripple effect for decades to come.

This cultural mosaic, our nation, is the product of our collective efforts to invest in our future, work collaboratively, and reach our full potential. Robust social programs define the welfare of the country and in the business community, we’ve got to do our part to engage and invest our time to ensure these types of initiatives succeed.

The Knowles Centre is an organization the David Davis Law firm has been closely working with for over a decade. Their mission of helping the youth of our country heal from past struggles and teaching them to create healthier relationships with their day-to-day lives creates the foundational strength we need to prosper as individuals, and as a whole. In continuing efforts to better our society, David Davis Law also engages in volunteer work with a variety of other not-for-profit organizations in the community. In addition to the firm’s volunteer work, we’re deeply entrenched in the business community. The firm is a strong advocate for the fair treatment of all individuals who migrate to, or are in the process of migrating to Canada.

We know that if we want to help shape the narrative of immigration law in Canada, and continue to provide newcomers with opportunities to prosper, then we’ve got to get involved and advocate for people’s rights. As such, David Davis Law is a proud and active member of the following associations and organizations:


  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Manitoba Bar Association
  • Past Chair of the Manitoba Immigration Law Section: accomplished the creation of a constitution to ensure parity among immigration lawyers in Manitoba;
  • Past member of the National Executive of the Canadian Bar Association for Immigration Lawyers across Canada
  • Manitoba Chamber of Commerce;
  • Past member of American Immigration Lawyers Association both Canada and Minnesota/Dakotas Chapters: past and current mentor to other immigration lawyers, assisting with border issues and past and current executive member in the Canada chapter
  • Canadian Federation of Independent Business
  • Hong Kong Canada Business Association
  • Italian Chamber of Commerce in Winnipeg
  • Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

Volunteer Activities

  • Past Board Member with Knowles Centre for 10 years; and,
  • Employment Project of Winnipeg for 3 years
  • Plus many other not-for-profit organizations over the span of David’s legal career