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There are three family based immigration options available to those looking to immigrate to the USA.
  • K1 visa – for fiancé sponsorships but then must marry applicant within 90 days or arrival in USA.
  • K3 visa – for parties already married; can obtain ability to re-enter USA multiple times.
Spousal sponsorship with I-130 form from outside USA for green card status.


There are a variety of employment based visa options based on the nature of your business and the type of work you plan to do in the USA. Note that any of these temporary visas can have their statuses adjusted to green card should a family member or business sponsor you.
  • H1B visa for temporary workers for a maximum length of 7 years.
  • H2B visas for farm workers or other type of labour in high demand.
  • L1A or L1B visas for intercompany transfers to maximum length of 7 years or 5 years respectively.
  • TN Visas under NAFTA – business visitors or professional categories
  • E visas – very useful for persons who are making a substantial investment into a new business.
  • O and P visas for Athletes and Entertainers.
  • R visas for religious personnel.
  • B visas for business or pleasure purpose visitors.
If you are a Canadian citizen it is also possible to obtain your green card through consular processing at the Consulate located in Montreal, Quebec.


We provide a range of citizenship services for those looking to immigrate to the US including:
  • Naturalization applications.
  • Derivative applications depending on parentage.
  • Applying for US passports at embassy abroad.


We offer our services to those who are applying for advance parole and waiver of criminal inadmissibility, and those that are applying for certain work permits at land borders or pre-flight inspection if a Canadian citizen.

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