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Davis Immigration Law Office Immigration Services is a full service immigration law firm. The law firm of Davis Immigration Law Office commenced in 1997 although the managing partner, David H. Davis, has been actively engaged in the practice of immigration law since 1989.

Davis Immigration Law Office practices mainly in the area of Canadian immigration for all backgrounds and cultures and also assists Canadians with entry for business and personal reasons into the United States of America.

The firm possesses the necessary tools and knowledge of Canadian immigration matters in order to assist you and your family to successfully apply for and receive Permanent Residence in Canada and to establish yourself upon your arrival. Each year, the firm helps hundreds of individuals from around the world to make Canada their home.

The firm also has a vast knowledge of border issues and selection criteria to assist Canadian citizens to cross the border into the USA. Since 9/11 crossing the longest undefended border has become complicated. New rules and regulations on both sides of the border have made it a more difficult challenge than we would otherwise like.

If you have experienced difficulties in crossing the border into the USA then please contact us by email at importantpeople@daviddavislaw.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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David Davis is certified by:

The Law Society of Manitoba.

The Alberta Government.
International Employment Agency License

Davis Immigration Law cooperates with 
Corporate Migration Ventures Inc. (CMV)

CMV has a recruitment license issued by the Manitoba Government since August, 2011. This enables Davis Law to provide advice to companies on how best to recruit foreign workers from abroad.

Please email Mr. Davis at david@daviddavislaw.com for more information.

Meet Our Team of Expert and Experienced Canadian Immigration Lawyers

David H. Davis - Team Member at David Davis Immigration Law Office

David H. Davis

Immigration lawyer/founder

For more than 30 years, David has been practicing immigration law under the Manitoba Law Society. Determined to offer exemplary services for those looking to become permanent residents of Canada, David has dedicated his career to providing tools, knowledge and sound advice regarding all matters of immigration to his clients.

In 1989, David graduated from law school at the University of British Columbia and later founded DILO in 1997, with the mission of providing a seamless passage for those looking to call Canada home and become established in a new life.

Trial Court And Appellate Experience & Government Matters

  • All criminal courts representing accused persons in criminal cases
  • Federal court trial division and federal court of appeal
  • Supreme Court of Canada
  • Manitoba Court of Appeal
  • Immigration admissibility hearings
  • Immigration and Refugee Board Appeal Division
  • Citizenship court
  • Appearances before Immigration and Citizenship subcommittees in both the House of Commons and the Senate in the federal government of Canada in Ottawa , Ontario.
Tyler Koshowski

Tyler Koshowski

Articling Student-At-Law

Tyler joined Davis Immigration Law Office as an articling student in June of 2021 after obtaining his Juris Doctor from the University of Manitoba. Prior to law school, he completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Manitoba’s I.H. Asper School of Business where he earned a Bachelors in Commerce (Honours) with a major in international business. He also spent one year of his undergraduate degree at Kedge Business School in Bordeaux, France.

Legal Experience

  • Federal court applications
  • Work Permit applications
  • Appearances before Canada Border Service Agency

Community involvement

Tyler was recently elected as the Law Society of Manitoba’s Student Bencher for 2021-2022. He has also aided with volunteer research for the Immigration section of the Canadian Bar Association.

April - Experienced Team Member at David Davis Immigration Law Office


Senior Case Manager

April joined DILO in October 2009. She’s an experienced team member who assists in supporting our clients both in Canada and internationally on immigration issues. As the Senior Case Manager, she helps clients expertly navigate the application process. April also serves as a Commissioner of Oaths and is fluent in English and Tagalog. Given her appreciation for living and working in multicultural environments, April is passionate about helping newcomers assimilate and prosper in Canada.
Maricris - Legal Assistant at David Davis Immigration Law Office


Immigration Case Manager

Maricris joined Davis Immigration Law Office in April 2013 as a Legal Assistant. She works directly with DILO clientele on work permits, study permits, MB PNP, Canadian citizenship and permanent residency applications. Prior to joining DILO, Maricris worked in the sales and customer service sector.
Kayleen - Legal Assistant at Davis Immigration Law Office


Legal Assistant

Kayleen Joined Davis Immigration Law Office in April 2016 as a Legal Assistant. Kayleen works directly with DILO clientele on multiple applications such as work permits, study permits, spousal sponsorships, permanent residency applications, humanitarian and compassionate applications as well as applications with the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. Prior to joining DILO, Kayleen studied at Robertson college and graduated with a Legal Assistant Diploma.
Daphne - Office’s Accounting and Finance Administrator at David Davis Immigration Law Office



Daphne has over 30 years of experience in the accounting field.  She has worked at DILO since July 2009. In her role she oversees the office’s accounting and finance administration.

Daphne Yang - Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant at DILO

Daphne Yang

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC# R533799)

Daphne has been servicing immigrants in Canada for 10 years. Provides services in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hakka. 


杨冬霞 Daphne

加拿大注册移民顾问 (RCIC# R533799)

早年就职于加拿大移民局在曼省为新移民提供服务的机构Entry Program 从事移民相关事务10年。以英语,普通话,粤语为您提供服务