Please know that COVID-19 is very much affecting all immigration applications.

Please note in summary what is happening is the following:

  • all international flights are only being allowed to land at Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal airports
  • Only Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents are being allowed to enter
  • all non citizens and non residents are not allowed to enter
  • most visa application centers around the world are only operating to conduct biometrics at present time
  • all in person immigration hearings of any kind and interviews are cancelled until further notice
  • there are very fine tuned instructions for new permanent residents to complete their entry into canada
  • it is best to stay home and not travel anywhere at the moment and to essentially avoid large crowds of 50 or more people.

Please make contact with Mr. Davis at his email as he is monitoring it all the time:

We are here to help everyone navigate this unprecedented world situation that is unfolding and changing by the hour.

If you want to know more about what the government is actually saying then i suggest you visit the following link: