The AGRI-FOOD PILOT will accept applications for pr visa applications from MAY 15, 2020 to MAY 14, 2023 for those in the MEAT PRODUCTION, GREENHOUSE NURSERY AND ANIMAL PRODUCTION fields.

Contact our law firm today to learn more on how you can have your application fast tracked to PR status.

FOR THE STUDENTS, there are no worries if you have to take your courses on line, you will still qualify for the post graduate work permit if you complete up to 50% of your program via distance learning if you cannot travel to Canada sooner.

WORK AUTHORIZATION is being granted to those who are waiting endlessly for their pending work permit application and who wish to change employers or change job position. Those applicants no longer have to wait and it is possible for IRCC to issue this authorization in letter format within 10 days of processing. Call us today to learn more about this notification and as well to learn if you can travel to Canada. Every Case is different and unique.