According to CBC News, the federal government lottery system which was to allow 10,000 spots, but was delayed by COVID-19,  will be opening this month on October 13th.   The news was announced on October 5 by Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino.    

The program is set to open on October 13 and remain open for a three-week window.  During this time Canadians can fill out online forms to show interest in bringing their relatives to Canada.  When the program ends, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will randomly select potential sponsors who will be invited to submit applications. 

David Davis, of Davis Immigration Law Office, is an Immigration Lawyer in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  David states, “The delay due to the pandemic was unfortunate.  This news is huge for so many families.  A lot of skilled workers who are from faraway lands such as the Philippines, India, and China do not have money for daycares for their children. So in addition to family reunification, families are now able to have their children cared for by a trusted family member so they themselves can work full time in their jobs. This is why they sponsor their parents and grandparents to live with them.   Daycare is expensive and there aren’t enough subsidies for families and common people.  This is why the sponsorship means so much. It can take years to make enough money to meet sponsorship guidelines.  There are some immigrants who have lived here in Canada for years and may only be eligible now because it took them that long to save the money to pay for a sponsorship.  This lottery program will make a big positive impact on the families of thousands of Canadian immigrants.” 

Knowing how to navigate the legalities and paperwork to make immigration possible is part of what David Davis does on a daily basis.  As a trusted leader in the world of immigration law, David Davis is prepared to work with those lower income families to give concessional legal advice and help them navigate the confusion that may come with this new lottery system that opens on October 13th

“You don’t have to figure it out on your own,” says David Davis.  If you want to sponsor a parent, parents or grandparents, we encourage you to talk to David Davis for the trustworthy assistance you need to register your interest with IRCC and to have your questions answered today.

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