Canada needs to improve its immigration channels for essential migrant workers

Other than the pandemics impact, Canada’s population is aging at a rapid pace and the country has been becoming more and more scarce with essential workers. Every day the rate at which elderly need assistance and employers need workers is increasing. To take action proceeding this circumstance, we need a conventional migration channel allowing new essential workers with a plethora of different skill levels to enter Canada and fill up vital jobs. This past May, the government created a one-time pathway to permanent residency for thousands of people who already work in Canada doing “essential” occupations. This program is one of many small steps that should be taken to approach the influence of the ongoing virus.

We should not only offer permanent residency to those in the country but also create more channels for new workers to enter. To put things into perspective, the waitlist for a personal support aide in Ottawa had nearly 3,000 names at the end of last year while the amount of job openings in health care and social assistance hit a record high after rising over 50%. Even Canadian farmers have been impacted with production delays due to the lack of workers in agriculture. COVID-19 and its continuous efforts have showed just how important essential workers really are. Now we have the chance to create a rational and consistent pathway to bring in additional workers who play a key part in the countries economy. If you or someone you know needs immigration help or is trying to attain their Permanent residence, please contact Davis Immigration Law Firm.