Priority Processing for Hong Kong Residents Coming to Canada

Residents of Hong Kong wishing to live and work in Canada are eligible for special measures to support their applications. While you can find instructions and qualification information at the website, you might consider it not only wise, but necessary, to engage experts to assist you. Davis Immigration Law Office, a full-service immigration law firm, is well equipped to ensure any application for Hong Kong residents who wish to come to Canada is processed quickly and efficiently.  

Our law firm works in partnership with a licensed immigration consultant office who is fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin. We take our work seriously and never make promises we cannot keep. 

Priority processing is available for your immigration submission, whether you are requesting family reunification, attendance at an educational institution, or permission to work in Canada. If you consider applying on your own and need advice, government offices are often overwhelmed and unable to respond to your queries, even with priority processing. Any documents that you may miss can cause a delay in your application. Having reputable experts at Davis Immigration Law Office guiding you through the process saves time, energy, and unnecessary frustration.  

Several factors that principal applicants or accompanying dependents must consider include Canadian citizenship, immediate family members, current residency, and several other facilitative measures. A myriad of facts, such as who is eligible, applicable fees, and a full listing of required documents must be absorbed and facilitated. Davis Immigration Law Office has been engaged since 1989 with successfully assisting immigrants and its team of professionals have the necessary tools to facilitate your application.  

You will be considered for priority processing if you hold passports issued by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China or by the United Kingdom to a person born, naturalized, or registered in Hong Kong. Davis Immigration Law Office will assist you with the different categories under which you can apply and will advise on the paperwork you will need. Although the firm is headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada, Davis Immigration Law Office has assisted newcomers from all over the world and from all ethnicities and cultures for over 30 years. 

You may qualify for priority processing if you are applying as immediate or extended family members but there are other possible situations too which can be addressed by the experts at Davis Immigration Law Office. Numerous immigration laws and policies make it difficult for most persons to feel confident that they are interpreting them correctly and that is where having a knowledgeable team to advise you can be important.  

Priority processing is given to all study permit applications of students from Hong Kong wishing to attend learning institutions in Canada. Among your required documents will be transcripts of previous educational endeavours. Family reunification will also be given priority processing and necessary documents including passports must be presented in the application process. If you are coming to Canada from Hong Kong for employment, you can apply for an open work permit. Eligible spouses and children can apply for entry as well. Attention must be paid to qualifications for work permits, such as education credentials, including degree or diploma equivalencies. It is also necessary to be aware of possible expiry dates. Under some circumstances, fees may be waived for applications within the special measures processing. Davis Immigration Law Office can help you with the application process and the necessary accompanying documentation for all these situations. 

Be sure to check out Davis Immigration Law Office at for important facts about moving to Canada from Hong Kong. Call today to receive invaluable help in making your application successful and worry free.