The IRCC has made some major announcements in regards to topics of interest.

The government made some further clarification announcements on their web site at the following web link:

The essential criteria that one must have to be able to apply for a post graduation work permit, can be summarized in the following point form list:

  • Must apply on line for the PGWP within 180 days of the school having issued their final marks for the program of study and, you must have had a valid study permit during some of the 180 days of having met graduation requirements. So it is possible to apply for the PGWP if your study permit already expired, as long as you apply within the 180 day period described above;
  • Attended a DLI or Designated Learning Institution. You must check the list of DLI schools on the government web site to ensure the school qualifies for a graduating student to obtain a PGWP from their institution;
  • Program of study must have lasted at least 8 months long;
  • That led to a degree, diploma or certificate;
  • Maintained full time status as a student which does not include the final semester which could be part time or if you took an approved leave from the studies;
  • An approved leave can only be up to 150 days and for reasons such as: 1. Medical reasons or pregnancy 2. Family emergency 3. Death or serious illness of a family member 4. Any other type of leave your school authorizes
  • Your school closes permanently or because of a strike
  • You have changed schools
  • You or your school deferred your program start date; if this is the case you must start the next semester less than 150 days, and get an updated letter of acceptance – and, one cannot work off campus during a scheduled leave

    The new Immigration Minister is Marco Mendicino who is a Liberal MP from the riding of Eglinton- Lawrence in Toronto, Ontario. He has some high profile plans such as a new municipal nominee program as well as getting rid of the citizenship application fee altogether.

   Typically the government has invited persons across Canada to complete a form on their web site in the month of January for the purpose of application to sponsor parents or grandparents to Canada. Unfortunately, the new Minister has not released any information to date. In a CTV news update on December 31st, 2019 the government indicated they will release further instructions regarding the popular program no later than April 1st, 2020. The lottery system last year angered many as the program filled within minutes making it impossible for many to qualify to sponsor their loved ones.