New Immigration rules being implemented now and for the future of Canada

     The federal government has tried to keep pace with the overwhelming demand of its clients – the thousands of individuals who seek to make Canada their new home. Local PR’s and Canadian citizens who wish to sponsor their parent or grandparent from their home country were provided another opportunity from Sept – Oct, 2021 when IRCC invited those who filed their interest in this category last January, 2021 but who were not selected at that time. They issued more invites on a random basis. Many have not been selected. Only time will tell if the Liberal government will expand this category of immigration in the near future. As discussed before, many cannot afford daycare so it makes eminent sense for immigrants to want their parents or grandparents to come to Canada to assist in looking after their little ones. See the following web link for more:

If a foreign national travels to Canada the question becomes whether or not they must quarantine for any period of time. According to new rules implemented by the federal government if you have been double vaxxed with approved vaccines such as Pfizer, you do not have to self isolate as long as you are not displaying covid symptoms. Please refer to the following web site for more on this topic:

 Seeking work permits at ports of entry along the northern border with the USA should be approached with trepidation. Even if a person receives an approved letter that they are eligible for a work permit, such as under NAFTA/CUSMA or even pursuant to the international experience class which are young people age 18-30 from certain commonwealth countries around the world, they may be surprised to learn that CBSA BSO’s (officers at ports of entry) are going to take another look at the documents one is travelling with and perhaps will second guess the issuance of the work permit approval letter. It is highly recommended to try to make contact with the port of entry your client desires to attend in advance even in the most simple, direct cases.

 The National Occupation Classification(NOC) system provided by the ESDC is going to update their 2016 coding system by the latter half of 2022 and it will become the NOC 2021 code. The highlights of the changes are:

  • Overhauls the current four-category NOC “Skill level” structure by introducing a new six-category system representing the level of Training, Education, Experience and Responsibilities (TEER) required for entry in an occupation.
  • Adopts a five-tiered hierarchical arrangement of occupational groups with successive levels of disaggregation containing broad occupational categories, major groups, sub-major groups, minor groups, and unit groups.
  • Introduces a brand new five-digit codification system to replace the current four-digit system.
  • The job categories is also going to change.

If one practices in the area of immigration law, it is critical to know and understand the latest info for job classifications in order to properly submit various immigration applications. For further info on the NOC changes please refer to the following web link:

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