Confirming your Permanent Residency status online

If you got an email about the Permanent Residence Portal, it’s legitimate if:

  • it came from an email address ending in
  • it’s in both English and French
  • the subject line is “IRCC – Permanent Residence Portal (PR Confirmation) / Portail de résidence permanente (Confirmation de la RP)”

In most cases, we can confirm permanent resident (PR) status without in-person interviews through a secure online portal.

Through this portal:

  • You can declare you’re in Canada
  • You can confirm your address
  • You can submit a recent photo we will use to make your PR card
  • we can give you access to your proof of permanent resident (PR) status
  • You can share personal information safely

As the principal applicant, you’ll act on behalf of your family, unless you tell us you’d like them to have their own accounts.

The portal is separate from your IRCC secure account and this is how it works:

Once we approve your application, we’ll

  • send you an invitation to confirm
  • your email address
  • all email addresses for each person on your application
  • you’re in Canada
  • create an account for you (you can’t create one yourself)
  • send another email with your temporary account details

Do not create your own account. This can delay the process. Follow the instructions in the email we sent and we’ll create it for you.

Then you can:

  • sign in for the first time and create your own password
  • confirm you are in Canada
  • provide an updated home or postal address
  • upload your photo (this must be a digital or scanned photo, not a picture of a paper photo taken with a camera or phone)

Once we review and accept the photo you submit (note that this may take some time), we’ll create your PR card within two weeks. We’ll send it to the mailing address in Canada you gave us. You can check to see if we’ve accepted your photo through the portal.

Uploading and submitting photos:

If we return your photo, you can resubmit a new photo into the portal. Make sure the new photo meets all the photo requirements listed in the portal before you upload a new one.

Reasons your photo may be returned:

  • photos are too dark
  • background is not white
  • facial features not visible
  • glare on photo

To submit a photo:

upload a photo – it can be

  • a professional digital photo in JPEG or PNG format
  • a scanned professional photo (don’t take a picture of a paper photo with your digital camera or phone)
  • a selfie (as long as it meets the photo requirements – submitting an incorrect photo will delay your PR card)
  • you can replace your photo with another photo up until when you submit it
  • you don’t have to delete the previous photo to upload a new one (it automatically replaces the previous photo)
  • press “submit” (once you do this, it can no longer be changed)

An immigration representative (also known as an immigration consultant or lawyer) can give you advice and help you with the portal for a fee. But they can’t sign into the portal using your username and password or declare that you’re in Canada for you. If you or someone you know needs immigration help or is trying to attain their Permanent residence, please contact Davis Immigration Law Firm.

  • sign into the portal using your username and password
  • declare that you’re in Canada for you