If you have any plans crossing the border into USA this summer, be sure to know that your computer and electronic devices are susceptible to being searched at will with very little rights to the traveller. This is a murky area of the law as most of the customs issues dealing with border crossing were created and drafted long before electronic devices were made in such intelligent fashion. Be careful out there when travelling abroad.

The MPNP employer direct program assists employers with recruitment of foreign workers. The question becomes whether the ESDC LMIA process is faster and better than the Manitoba process. The problem with the Manitoba program is the availability of officers to take the time to review applications for recruitment of foreign workers compared with the federal program that has many more employees at their disposal. Both the LMIA and Strategic Initiative for Employers in the MPNP system require advertising to continue for a four week duration.

It is important to ensure that the advertising is completed for the correct job title, job duties and the salary range is also noted properly. The employer who is selecting the candidates must ensure that he/she documents properly the incoming resumes for the job position and ensures that there are reasons noted as to why the Canadian or PR does not meet the job requirements. The processing time for LMIA including the one month of advertising that needs to continue is at least 6 months in duration. At present the MPNP is quite busy with employer strategic recruitment applications. The time processing is supposed to be faster but it appears there is a need to hire further officers to assist in this unit due to the volume of applications they have received and the many checks and balances that are required to meet.

The employer strategic recruitment process must maintain integrity standards with the federal immigration department as well as ESDC office federally. Otherwise the MPNP may face restrictions in their operations. As a result the type of business eligible to apply under this program goes thru a lot of scrutiny. It is wise to pay attention to the details located at the MPNP web link noted here in:

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