The Minister of IRCC announced recently that foreign nationals who have been in possession of a post grad work permit but their document is expiring soon and they have not been able to convert their status to PR are going to be given another 18 months of time on a newly extended work permit option. See the following web link: 

This is great news for many international students who have spent literally thousands of dollars on tuition and for many reasons, related to Covid19, have not been able to accumulate enough points for their pr submission. This new life line will make a huge difference for many thousands of foreign nationals who desire to make Canada home. 

Note: the details of the new PGWP extension have not been released yet but the legality of the extension will take legal effect on April 06, 2023. 

Canada extends the CUAET measures to assist Ukrainians fleeing the illegal war waged on their country by Putin of Russia. See this web link: 

President Biden and PM Trudeau have agreed on a supplement agreement to the SAFE THIRD COUNTRY AGREEMENT that basically says that CBSA will arrest and detain foreign nationals seeking entry at illegal entry points, like Roxham Road along the Quebec-USA border and will escort them to the nearest border crossing with USA where they will be returned to the Americans for further processing. The problem with this new supplemental agreement is that it will do little to deter those seeking to have their refugee claim heard in Canada. The traffickers of people will simply make more money and assist those to seek entry into c 

Canada at more remote and dangerous entry points into Canada. Further, the STCA is before the SCC already, awaiting a decision on the constitutionality of the agreement. The decision is expected to be released in the coming months. It seems incongruous that our government would have the audacity to negotiate a further curtailment with the STCA knowing full well the entire agreement could be found inconstitutional in a matter of weeks or months. If the USA had a sympathetic view to refugees like the system in Canada is, then we would not be having this discussion. 

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