Canada is far from reaching its refugee target number for this year.

As of October 31st, Canada has reached only half its target goal of 80’000 refugees. Similarly, reaching just over half of the intended number of government assisted refugees with 2 months to go in the year. This isn’t even the worst statistic as Canada’s reached only ⅕ of its targeted number for privately sponsored refugees.

“The reality is we’re dealing with a pretty challenging situation this year,” said Immigration Minister Sean Fraser. “When you’re trying to get people into Canada at a time when the border is closed for public health reasons, there are certain challenges that are unique to a pandemic situation.”  In a media statement, the IRCC stated that refugees are now facing even more difficult travel restrictions in their home countries, making it harder to leave. “In this era of upheaval, we continue to live up to our dedication, reputation and obligation by continuing to help the world’s most vulnerable find refuge,” IRCC said.

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