Attention Candidates for Pursuit of LONG HAUL TRUCK DRIVING LICENSES.

We want you to know of a very reliable and trustworthy truck driving school known as Professional Transport Driver Training School.

They have qualified and reputable instructors and recognized by MB regulatory bodies for meeting government standards in the industry.

Although we can never guarantee that you will indeed pass the necessary tests, what we can say is that in this trucking industry there are a lot of people/companies who are doing nefarious things in this profession and charging excessive fees for job offer letters that is clearly illegal and not mandated by the government.

If you want to pursue legitimate truck driving license and know that you are not being taken advantage then please consider Professional Transport Driver Training School. 

We have over 32 years of immigration legal experience. We help successful truck drivers obtain work permits and PR status thru the MB PNP and beyond. Please discuss your case directly with our legal team.